image1My name is James Alexis Beck, better known to my friends as Alex Beck. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, California and was fortunate to have traveled the world surfing and modeling.

My interest in somatics started before I knew what the word meant. My grandmother dubbed me “the doctor” because as a youngster I was drawn to making people feel better by putting my hands on them. Touching people did not frighten me and my family members would comment that I “had the touch.”

As I grew older, I pursued my desire to heal through touch. I studied and received certification in Swedish Circulatory Massage. Although it was great training and a wonderful starting point; I was not satisfied with the level of my clients responses.  I felt that this technique fell short of addressing the specific areas of my clients points of discomfort.FullSizeRender

I put these experiences aside when I moved to New York to pursue a career in acting and modeling. It was through that experience then I realized the serious and long term effects of restrictive behavior and repetitive motion on the body. Over time, if not corrected, the inner facial lining of the body can change both posture and function.  My real awakening to somatic healing and BioSync in particular, came when I returned to San Diego and an old friend of mine, certified in BioSync,  gave me my first session. I could not believe the positive results. It was as if someone shined a light on my past experiences, allowing me to connect the missing pieces of treatment. After this session I wanted to learn more and began my BioSync studies under the incomparable master, and BioSync inventor, Mark Lamm. I am grateful to Mark and his wife Leah for their help and encouragement throughout my training and certification. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Mark passed away at 87 years young. As the last student he trained; I am respectful for what he taught me and the passion for BioSync that he passed on to me.

In my practice I find that many clients feel immediate relief after one session, although it usually can take 2 to 3 sessions for the best results. Because BioSync releases the emotional and physical dysfunction stored deep in muscles, the body can return to homeostasis fairly quickly.

I invite you to contact me to learn more about BioSync and how the process can help you move and feel better. The goal of Biosync is to return the whole body to optimal health.