If you get real intense with it, your body would definitely be in the best physical form it has been in years.
-Kelly Slater, Surfing Magazine

In the area of creating immediate and dramatic improvements in one’s physical body, there are none who can rival Mark Lamm’s (inventor of BioSync) work.
-Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker, using BioSync since 1986

Alex and BioSonics have healed some old traumas and injuries that were affecting my daily living. I had a lot of all over body aches and pain. After the first session I felt a dramatic improvement in my well being. Working with Alex keeps me active and able to enjoy exercising, traveling, teaching art classes again. I am a grateful, 60 years young!
-Rebecca Marder, Santa Monica, California

I experienced a profound healing with the unique protocol of BioSync. Alex is a gifted healer, master of a technique that brought pain relief and healing energy to me that no other massage therapist was able to do.
-Patti Miller, President, Fluer Candles

Thanks sir. It is amazing how much it worked. You should be able to sell this well and replace the massage and chiropractors. BioSync works much better to actually heal something.
-Robert H., Oceanside, California

Thanks Alex. My back is feeling great and the tension is gone.
-Mike Grainey, Carlsbad, California